Why Now is The Time to Finally Get That Backyard Playset

Your kids will love ruling over their own personal playgrounds.

byVictor Tan| PUBLISHED Apr 22, 2020 9:05 PM
Why Now is The Time to Finally Get That Backyard Playset
Bring the park to your backyard with these fun playground sets. Pexels

The backyard is a place of controlled freedom for your children. Given the space, it can be a place where you and the family play catch with each other and the dog; and with a few extras, it could also be a place of excitement, adventure and memories. Whether you’re looking for a simple swing set or a castle on high, let us help you find the best playground set that’ll match your budget.

Comes with everything your kiddos need to have a good time.

Sometimes simple is best, and you can’t get any more classic than a swing set. When you reminisce on playgrounds from your childhood, where’s the place your nostalgic feet take you? The swings, of course. Remember days of tucking and then flexing your legs forward to gain as much momentum and as much height as possible? That can be there for your kids in your own backyard.

Small but mighty: This model can fit up to seven kids at once.

Even if your backyard isn’t big enough to fit a whole playground set, there’s still room for a teeter totter—especially this airplane-designed one that can be adjusted to three different heights for kids of all ages. The teeter totter is a classic playground centerpiece sure to provide hours of outdoor fun.

This all-in-one playground model includes a rock wall, sandbox and chalkboard, too.

Variety is key for children, as sometimes their attention spans (or lack thereof) lend to them quickly getting bored! An all-in-one playground set, like this one, will keep them occupied for hours. Versatility in the playground set also ensures they’re getting adequate exercise in a variety of ways, too.

In addition to swings and a slide, this playground set also has a sandbox, playhouse and built-in bench for snacktime.

If you’ve ever wanted to build your children a treehouse but never had the time, get the next best thing: a wooden playground set with a mini playhouse. This set has the feel of a true treehouse with real wood, and also includes a “snack stand” to play store with and a sandbox underneath.