Air Popcorn Poppers for a Crunchy Snack Anytime

A healthy way to get your fix.

byThe Editors| PUBLISHED Aug 27, 2020 3:27 PM
Air Popcorn Poppers for a Crunchy Snack Anytime
Nothing’s cozier than a bowl of popcorn. Pixabay

Popcorn might have had something of a renaissance recently, but it’s been around for millennia. In fact remnants of popcorn that date back to 3600BC have been found in Mexico—although they probably weren’t popping the kernels in an electric air popper!

Small Footprint
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Quickly and efficiently creates up to sixteen cups of oil-free snack, and also comes in red or white to coordinate with your interior.

Popcorn is formed when a kernel of corn is heated; the moisture in it expands, causing it to explode and, when it does, the starch inside forms the fluffy stuff that we eat. Most of the time, the kernels are heated in oil, but air poppers work by heating the kernels in a stream of hot air that has the same effect on the kernel as hot oil, but produces popcorn more cleanly, and with less fat.

Large Capacity
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Comes with a measuring cup that doubles as a butter-melting tray and makes up to 18 cups in less than two and a half minutes.

If you’ve got a large family or are planning on popping for parties, it’s worth checking the capacity of your popper. Although it doesn’t take long to do another batch, make your life easier by choosing a version that can do at least a dozen cups in one go. Once you’ve got your popper up and running, keep an eye on your popcorn as it’s delivered via the chute. Even if you place a bowl underneath, it may need turning part-way through to avoid it overflowing.

Generating up to 12 servings in one go, this vending machine-style popper conjures up the magic of old-fashioned cinema nights.

If you want to add butter or other toppings to your freshly popped corn, do it while it’s still hot. Some air poppers come with a measuring scoop that doubles as a butter melting tray, but you can also drizzle by hand with melted chocolate, add grated Cheddar and mustard powder, or spice things up with chili powder and pinch of lime juice.