Shower Better: Add a Touch of Luxury with a New Shower Head

Never underestimate how amazing the right shower head can be!

Shower heads, like anything else, can wear out over time. And when they do, you may experience lower water pressure, and possibly even calcium and lime deposits in the water that flows from your shower head. You’d be surprised how much a brand new one will completely change up your shower experience.

Powerful Stream

Silicone jets reduce lime and hard water deposits. WASSA


Nothing solves hair product build-up like a high-pressure shower head. The water blasts away residue that can build up on your scalp and cause a less-than-stellar hair day. No one wants to feel like they need another shower as soon as they pull back the curtain! A high-pressure shower head with silicone jets will also reduce hard water deposits. Hard water dries out the hair, leaving it dull and stringy-looking—it can also subtly tint your hair color.

Clean Every Angle

A reinforced 5-foot connection lets you use every which way. AquaDance


A dual-purpose shower head is a great accessible option for folks with differing physical needs and capabilities. They’re also a fun way to quickly shower off a little one who’s not yet ready for the “big shower,” they’re helpful for scrubbing pets and can give you a quick spot rinse if your feet get muddy or you just want to refresh your hair.


Cycle through each adjustable stream function to find your favorite. Hotel Spa


Who says you want the same water flow all over? Maybe you prefer a high-pressure wash for your hair, but you’re looking for that much-needed shoulder massage at the same time. It’s not too much to ask when you opt for a dual-head shower that features multiple water flow settings on each head. When shopping for a dual-pressure shower head, be sure to check the list of required tools you’ll need. If it’s a complicated install that’s likely to require the assistance of a plumber, be sure to factor that into your budget when purchasing. Of course, it’s possible to find options that are easy enough for a DIY install.