5 Cute and Colorful iPhone Chargers

You always need one. Why not make it cute?

We have a lot of luxuries in our lives, including the ability to use handheld devices to connect us to literally anywhere in the world…while charging those devices from our beds. We’ve rounded up some cheerful chargers, most of which are long enough to reach your phone no matter where you are, and that won’t snap within a few months of use.

10 Pack Available

We’re partial to the pretty pink hue. AmazonBasics

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You can order this pretty metallic charger with a three- or six-foot long cord, depending on how far your lounging spot is from your outlet. It also comes in silver, to match your laptop, as well as gold and gunmetal.

Comes with 2

Choose from chic shades like turquoise, cherry red and olive green. Xcentz

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We haven’t tested the company’s claims that these braided nylon cords are “bulletproof” and can hold “up to 175 pounds,” but we doubt you ever will either. Rest assured you’ll get a pretty color and two very durable chargers from this multipack.

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Juice up your devices in almost half the usual time. YOKERSU

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If you’re in a rush to charge up your phone (or you always forget to charge it until the last second), this black-and-white chevron-patterned cord comes with a fast-acting wall charger that increases in charging speed the longer your phone is plugged in.

Futuristic Option

Simply place your device (yes, any brand of device) onto the center of this product. Anker

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If you’re constantly on the go, a charging pad is easy to slip into your purse or backpack. Plus, it’s compatible with any device, so if you have an iPhone, you can still share this with an Android user.

Ultra Flexible

Sick of frayed wires? Check out this bendable option. Cabepow Store

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Regardless of how far your outlet is, it’s always better to have a too-long cord that can move with you all over the room, than a too-short one that keeps you tethered to your phone in the corner.