3 Kitchen Racks and Shelves for Better Organization

If you’re sick of the salt toppling every time you reach for the cinnamon in the back of your kitchen cabinet, you need one of these.

Behind each cabinet, pantry door and inside every drawer are just what you need to make a great meal. But only if you can find what you’re looking for! Check out these racks and shelves for better kitchen organization.

Four Different Finishes

You can store up to 36 containers in this model. SimpleHouseware


The pantry is where you’ll find most of your cans and it’s nice to have them in an orderly fashion so they’re not dropping in and surprising whoever opens the door. Can racks like this one will help you both organize your cans and also help keep them from falling everywhere.

Durable Design

This choice has room enough to keep your seasonings in their original containers. Lynk


Even if you’re not the most experienced cook, you can still look the part. Place this fancy spice rack in an upper cabinet, and watch your spices and seasonings easily and seamlessly slide out. No more having to reach all the way back, blindly grabbing at random spices that may or may not be the one you need.

High Weight Limit

It’s easy to adjust the height of each counter on this option. AmazonBasics


For all the heavy-duty kitchen necessities in pantries able to hold them, there’s a rack ready to be used. The beauty of shelves and racks is that you can place other organizers on these shelves, as well. This rack is also adjustable by one-inch increments to allow for adaptability in almost any space.