1,000 Piece Puzzles to Get Wrapped Up In

Spend a full day (or week) putting together these mesmerizing puzzles.

byAriel Wodarcyk|
1,000 Piece Puzzles to Get Wrapped Up In
A good puzzle is the ultimate mentally stimulating boredom buster. Pexels/Magda Ehlers

The feeling of satisfaction that comes from completing a huge puzzle is practically unrivaled. Methodically sorting through the pieces until you find the perfect fit is almost like reaching a meditative state. Here are three 1,000-piece jigsaws you’ll feel super accomplished finishing.

An astronomically fun challenge.

Aspiring future astronauts and space enthusiasts alike are sure to appreciate this sprawling jigsaw. Take a peek at the letters on the back of each piece if you get stuck—or go into your mission solo.

If scenery isn’t your thing, try this vibrant design.

Not all puzzles have to contain landscapes, or even be rectangular. This colorful round puzzle would look beautiful framed or mounted on a wall once it’s complete.

Comes with a helpful poster.

Who ever thought you’d be planning your next vacation around a puzzle? This intricate jigsaw is full of vibrant colors and fine details for an exciting combination of mental and visual stimulation.