Operation bathtime is simple—get your kids in the tub and get them clean. While it can feel like the ultimate battle, a parent’s secret weapon is the right bath toys. Look for those that hold their attention and you’re on your way to a bathtime routine that everyone will look forward to.

Most Imaginative

Designed so whenever water is poured, the wheels spin like a fine-tuned machine. Boon

Bath toys that kids can build, watch water flow through, and change up during every bath is a great way to get in sensory play and STEM learning. Kids will be so enthralled and distracted by their bathtub creations that they’ll forget to complain when their fingers start to wrinkle!

Best for Older Children

When held under running water, they release essential oils and moisturizing shea butter. Mineral Me California

For older kids, their resistance to bathtime is more about wanting to keep playing outside or using their tablet. Alas, cleanliness and good hygiene still must be a priority, making bath bombs with surprises inside the perfect way to entice them into the tub. It’s a double whammy—first, the bomb releases a calming, scented bubble bath, and then it melts to reveal a toy. By the time they find their toy surprise, they’re already clean!

Most Interactive

This is made from BPA free materials. Nuby

Fun is the key word for keeping kids happy in the bath. Toys that double as games or are sensory-based are key for developing gross motor skills. They also teach kids how to hold their attention for longer durations. It’s a way to make bathtime an adventure they’ll look forward to every day.