White Noise Machines to Lull You Into a Peaceful Slumber

Get a good night’s sleep with the audio equivalent of counting sheep.

Girl sleeping in bed.
Can’t seem to get enough shut-eye? A white noise machine can help.Pexels

If you’ve tried earplugs, exhausted Spotify’s sleep playlists and—despite anointing yourself in calming lavender oil and leaving all your tech outside your bedroom—still can’t sleep, you might want to think about a white noise machine. If it’s your kids keeping you awake, it could also help them get a better night’s sleep too. Here are some of the things that you should bear in mind.

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White noise is the term that’s used to refer to a constant soothing noise—it might be an air conditioner, or a fan, or you can buy a device that will generate the sound of white noise. It’s thought to work because it reduces the difference between background noise and sounds that might disturb you, such as a door slamming or someone shouting. You may have to experiment with different types of white noise at different volumes before you find what works for you.

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While you’ve definitely heard of white noise, you might be surprised to hear that some machines offer pink and brown noise too. Pink noise is deeper than white noise, and includes sounds such as steady pitter-patter of rain or the sound of a heartbeat. Brown noise is at an even lower frequency, and sounds like the low roar of a running waterfall. Many machines have the option to toggle between all these different sounds.

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The latest white noise machines come packed with additional features, including lullabies and natural soundscapes alongside the regular white noise tracks. Some also feature a built-in nightlight—ideal if you’re using them in children’s rooms to help them sleep—and also a timer so they automatically turn-off after a designated period of time.