What To Look For In An Effective Dishwasher Pod

It’s time to rinse and shine!

byCarrie Dickson| PUBLISHED Nov 19, 2020 2:23 PM
What To Look For In An Effective Dishwasher Pod
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Dishwashing pods have gained popularity recently and it’s easy to see why. Pods offer all of the benefits of regular detergent but without any of the mess or hassle of bottles or boxes. They eliminate the need for measuring, and you can keep track of how many washes you have left before your need to buy more. This means you’re less likely to be caught off guard with a dishwasher full of dishes and no detergent left to clean them. Dishwashing pods are also an easy way to determine what brands of detergent work best for your machine, and most manufacturers give samples of soaps that work well with their machines. So what exactly do you need from your dishwasher pods to take your dishwashing game to the next level? We have you covered.

Spotless Wash
Rinsing agent included in pod. Scrubs off tough residue, leaves utensils and glassware sparkling and residue free.

If you’ve ever pulled a freshly washed dish out of the dishwasher and found it coated in powdery residue, you know just how frustrating it can be. Before you get upset at your dishwasher, though, consider what kind of pod will work best with your machine and dishes. As dishwashers age and wear down from repeated use, you might notice that the granules in your dry dishwashing powder aren’t breaking down completely during the wash cycle, leaving your dishes in need of an extra rinse. Gel pods are an ideal solution because they quickly dissolve and coat dirty dishes, rinsing clean. Powder pods are ideal for newer model dishwashers that are designed to break the powder down and rinse it clean away.

Cuts Grease
Dishes clean right up with this formulation, even the baked on junk. It dissolves quickly in a rinse cycle.

If you live in a home with hard water, it can be tricky to get your dishes sparkling clean. Hard water deposits leave behind hard to remove spots that make dishes, glasses, and silverware appear cloudy, spotted, and dull. A 2-in-1 pod contains powerful detergent, as well as a rinse agent that leaves dishes sparkling clean. 3-in-1 pods not only leave your dishes pristine and shiny, they have a third cleaning agent that removes residue from the interior of your dishwasher which means less gunk is transferred to your dishes.

Enzyme Based Cleaning
Uses environmentally-friendly catalysts to scrub dishes and leave them sparkling clean.

Dishwasher pods are packed full of powerful cleaning agents, so it’s important to choose a pod that is compatible with your dishes and silverware. Although the vast majority of stoneware and silverware are deemed dishwasher safe these days, not all finishes on your kitchenware is compatible with every detergent. If you have dishes with a glaze or silverware that has a brushed finish, be aware that citrus-based and citrus-scented products can compromise the integrity of the finish by stripping away the finish. This means your plates and bowls lose their luster and protective, food-safe barrier and your brushed stainless steel silverware will be prone to rust. Ingredients matter, so make sure that your pod is compatible with your dishes.