Play Better: What to Look for in a Crystal Growing Kit for Kids

May the quartz be with you.

Grow beautiful crystals at home.Unsplash

Crystals get their multifaceted appearance from the way the atoms lock together in a lattice. New atoms join the lattice following that same pattern and stack to produce the flat faces and sparkly angles that make crystals...crystal-y. You can grow specimens at home using easily sourced minerals—like sugar or salts—but crystal-growing kits are designed to ensure dramatic results while minimizing user error and mess.

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Producing those smooth faces and extraordinary spikes at home relies on evaporation—the chemistry part of a crystal-growing experiment. When using a kit, this means adding the included minerals to water to make a saturated solution. As the water naturally evaporates into the air, the mineral molecules come out of solution and stack together, forming solid crystals.

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Some kits include starter crystals to jump start the process. As the new atoms come out of solution, they self-assemble on the starter crystals so the overall crystal appears to grow very quickly. This is particularly helpful for young scientists with shorter attention spans.

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It takes up to 10 days to grow a full-size crystal using a kit—although you should begin to see progress within a few days. Look for kits with extras to extend learning along the way. Most include a growing guide to dig deep into the science. Some also contain gemstone-quality crystal specimens to inspect and lighted display cases to showcase those homegrown crystals after they form.