Live Better: Video Doorbells To Keep Yourself (and Your Packages) Safe

Don’t just hear the bell; see who’s there too, wherever you are.

byCharlotte Marcus|
Live Better: Video Doorbells To Keep Yourself (and Your Packages) Safe
These devices can announce your guests’ arrival even before they do. Tirachard Kumtanom, Pexels

Video doorbells work exactly as the name suggests. When the doorbell senses movement in the vicinity, or when a visitor presses the buzzer, it begins to capture video footage, but before you snap one up, there are a few things to be aware of...

Foolproof Setup
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Works with an app but can be paired with Alexa to enable in-home announcements, and comes with the option of an additional subscription plan that allows you to store images.

Video doorbells require a good WiFi signal in order to work effectively as the image will usually be sent to an app on your phone. Even if you have a really high resolution camera, your ability to view the images will be affected by how strong your network is and whether your doorbell has a stable connection to it. If it doesn’t, you might need a WiFi extender.

SD Card Included
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Respond in real time or via a 30-second recorded message. An 8-10 hour battery charge should give 3-4 months’ use.

While some devices will only let you access live video, others may have built-in storage, or the option to add an SD card so you can store and review footage. You might also find that for an additional fee you can get access to cloud storage that works in a similar way.

Flexible Image Holding
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This device comes with capacity for up to 128GB of storage (sold separately), or the option to subscribe to a cloud storage service.

If you live in an apartment or have a shared door, make sure that you can set up the video doorbell that you’re using so that it only notifies you when someone is actually pressing the buzzer. If you can’t switch off motion-related notifications, you’ll find yourself constantly being told when your neighbours are entering or leaving the property, and being interrupted every time anyone in the building has a visitor or delivery.