Live Better: Under Sink Organizers to Button Up Your Bathroom or Kitchen

Clever solutions that fit round even the most complicated plumbing.

Given that your bathroom is probably the smallest room in the house, the usual tricks of adding in an extra cupboard to get more storage just won’t work. Instead, if you’re trying to declutter, you have to be imaginative, using creative solutions to find space where you might think there is none. That might mean using a shelf above the door for storage of towels or toilet paper, or creating a removable panel in the casing that surrounds the tub so you can store cleaning products in the unused space around it. But one of the easiest solutions is to make sure you’re maximizing the space under the sink—and that’s where a dedicated organizer, designed to work in these tricky areas, comes in.

Instant Shelving

Smart design means this unit can be adjusted to fit around almost any piping configuration, doubling the space available and making it easier to keep things tidy beneath a basin. SpicyShelf


The easiest way to make the most of the under-sink space is with a shelving unit designed to fit around the pipes. The cleverest are units that can be configured in multiple ways so whether you just have a single pipe, multiple pipes or even a waste-disposal unit to work around, you can still create an additional shelf which will halve the number of bottles and sprays currently congregating on the floor under there. That means you can actually see what you’ve got, rather than having to rummage through each time to find something you swear you bought last week.

Gliding Baskets

The mesh sides of this height-adjustable unit mean you can easily see what’s inside while the plastic plate protects small accessories from falling. Also available in chrome. Simple Trending


Another solution is to look for stacking baskets on sliders, so you’re effectively installing mini drawers. These can make it easier to organize the space—there’s no danger of anything falling off a shelf, as it’s all kept together in a single basket. However, for this type of storage, it’s really important that you accurately measure the height, depth and width of your space and buy accordingly. Some units will allow you to adjust the height of the second drawer, but make sure to check before purchasing.

Adjusts to Fit

Customize the configuration of this one to fit your particular needs and space constraints. SimpleHouseware


If you’ve decided that stacking sliding baskets are going to be right for you, think about what you plan to keep in them. If you’re going to be keeping small, loose items in them, look for solid baskets, as opposed to those made from wire or perforated plastic; otherwise items like toothbrushes can easily fall through. And, for extra ease of organization, look for drawers that can be divided up—maybe according to the types of products you want to store in each section or, if in the bathroom, allocating a section to each member of the family.