Storage Shelves for Everything You Don’t Know What to Do With

Cluttered-up junk got your mood sunk? Grab a storage shelf and presto, change-o—you’re organized!

Maybe it’s your garage that could use a little organizational juice. Perhaps your makeup and skincare products have crept out of the cabinets and onto the sink (and toilet top and floor). Maybe you need some more space for books. Free-standing storage shelves add room wherever you’ve run out of it.

Color or Chrome

Four little tires mean you can roll this baby from room to room if you want to. Amazon


Not everyone needs wheels on their shelving unit, but if you do, make sure to pick a model with wheel locks. That way, once you roll it from one place to another, it won’t end up rolling away.


Guess what? No tools are required for assembly, perfect for the home-project-averse. Amazon


Adjustable-height shelves allow you to customize your unit however you need to. Maybe one shelf is for teeny-tiny ramekins, while another is for extra-tall candlesticks. You get the idea. The more versatility, the better!

Save Space

Flatten this preassembled model in seconds when you no longer need it; when you do need it, it’ll support half a ton of weight and has caster wheels. Amazon


Consider where you’ll be using your shelves to help determine what material is best for you. For example, powder-coated steel will resist rust and corrosion, so if your new shelves are going to live in a mildewy garage, it’s a better bet than, say, copper.