Organize Better: Storage Cubes to Tidily Tuck Away Your Stuff

Think outside the drawer.

What can you put in a storage cube? It’s more like what can’t you put in a storage cube! These lightweight bins are just as functional in a shelving unit as they are on a pantry or closet shelf, in a living room corner or under the bed. Consider these three tips before you buy a set of your own.

Flexible Fit

Lightweight compartments that function as pull-out drawers. Available in a variety of colors. AmazonBasics


If you’re looking for storage cubes to fit a cube shelving unit, you’ll want to start by grabbing your measuring tape. These units come in a range of sizes, so carefully measure and record the height, width, and depth of a cube to ensure that you buy the right size. Keep in mind that you might not need an organizer for every cube.

12 Color Combos

This 3-piece set comes in different sizes and looks great in any room. DECOMOMO


Consider what your storage cube will hold and how often it’ll be accessed. Cubes filled with lightweight stationery or linens you occasionally use probably don’t need to be made of heavy-duty materials. Cubes that are used daily to organize—or at least attempt to organize—kids’ toys take more of a beating and hold up better with a sturdier design that has reinforced sides.

Reinforced Structure

Sturdy design with heavy cardboard to support each side, including the bottom. Available in eight different hues. SimpleHouseware


Cubes and drawers come with the same dilemma: it’s easy to just dump items inside and hide the mess. But it’s still a mess! To get the most out of your storage cubes, consider using small containers and dividers within the cubes to keep items organized and easy to find.