Sticky Hooks to Hold Everything from Twinkly Lights to Bath Towels

We’ve got the hookup for all your things, big and small.

If I had a hammer, I would put it away and buy some stick-on hooks instead. They’re easy to apply and take down, unlike nails they won’t leave any permanent marks on your walls, and there are super-sturdy options to support even your heaviest stuff. So let it all hang out…er, up!

Tiny But Mighty

This see-through number can hang up to 90 feet of sparkly bulbs whenever you want a little glow, and they’re an inventive way to display Polaroids too! The best part is that they work on paint, wood, tile and that dorm-room classic, cinder block. Command


Different hooks have different weight limits, so once you know what you’ll be hanging, shop accordingly. Rub some isopropyl alcohol on the wall where you’re going to stick them, let it dry, then hang ’em up!

Great for Glass and Tiles

A transparent steel-and-polycarbonate model can be used over and over again, even after removal and cleaning. Because these are humidity-resistant, they’re particularly good for the powder room. DDMY


The obvious place for a sticky hook is the wall, but they work great on ceilings, too! Use them for hanging plants, over-the-range kitchen appliances and anything else you want overhead.

Heavy-Duty Holder

These double-adhesive singles can stow your purse or knapsack. Instead of just throwing it on the floor when you get home, consider sticking up a few of these bad boys in your entryway. Try them for curtains, too. Command


For extra staying power, apply your hooks, hold them firmly to the wall for a minute and don’t hang anything on them for 24 hours. If you’ve just painted, wait seven days before sticking hooks to the wall.