Live Better: Spray Mops for Quick Cleanups

Cleanliness is next to godliness, y’all.

The most common bacteria on household floors are Micrococcus (the microbe that makes sweat stink), Staphylococcus (famously responsible for causing antibiotic-resistant infections in hospitals) and Bacillus (which can cause food poisoning). Here’s what to look for in a spray mop for cleaning it all up.

Super Versatile

This tool includes 34 ounces of cleaning solution labeled safe for most surfaces. Bona


The only thing worse than grungy floors is wrecking your finish by cleaning with the wrong product. Spray mops are a versatile option since you can fill the cartridge with your preferred cleaner. Look for a mop (and cleaning solution) marked safe for your type of flooring, especially if you have finished wood floors.

No Batteries Needed

You can launder this cleaning instrument’s head up to 100 times. O-Cedar


Some spray mops rely on the high tech cleaning ability of microfiber, which removes 99 percent of bacteria from floors. Microfiber works because of its huge surface area and positive charge (that attracts dirt and grease since they’re negatively charged). Use it wet or dry with the option to add a little cleaning solution for an extra kick.

Twice as Nice

Flip it over and double the cleaning power. Rubbermaid


Spray mops are also gloriously low-tech since they require no batteries or charging. The spray trigger relies on the simple engineering of a pump piston to deliver a spray of cleaner without an electrical power source. Microfiber is also reusable and cleans easily in the washing machine.