Clean Better: How to Choose a Great Spray Mop

Ditch the bucket in favor of clever, integrated cleaners that make housework simple.

byThe Editors| PUBLISHED Jun 11, 2020 1:05 PM
Clean Better: How to Choose a Great Spray Mop
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Let’s be honest, mopping isn’t fun — you’ve always missed a spot or left suds on the floor, and it takes forever for the floor to dry. But wide, flat mops that come with cleaning solution have arrived to make life easier. How do you pick between different models? Do you want a washable microfiber head or refillable pads? Do you need to buy the brand’s cleaning solution? And is a manual or electric trigger best? Read on to find out.

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Take a quick look at spray mops and you’ll instantly see some key differences between them. The first is the type of head that the mop has—while most are flat and rectangular, some are devised so you can attach a machine-washable microfiber pad to them, and others use their own brand’s disposable pads. These might be more hygienic, but it means you’ll need to repurchase them when you run out. Similarly, some have a battery-operated spray function, while others just use a mechanical trigger; this may be less powerful, but it means you don’t have to worry about keeping batteries in stock to mop the floor.

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This product allows you to buy solution in bulk, saving you both money and waste.

If you’re a bit picky about the solution that you use to clean the floor—maybe you’ve even made your own with essential oils and vinegar—or don’t want to be tied to one brand, look for a mop that comes with refillable bottles that allow you to choose your own solution. If you have two bottles, fill one with a cleaning solution and the other with hot water to clean and rinse your floor without having to refill in between.

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Fill the attached reusable bottle with your favorite floor cleaner.

Some dual-sided mops have reusable pads that you can flip over and use both sides on, allowing you to get more done without stopping and reloading.