Spandex Tablecloths to Keep Your Table Looking Nice

Buh-bye wrinkles and ill fitting styles!

byLauren West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Sep 18, 2020 6:19 PM
Spandex Tablecloths to Keep Your Table Looking Nice
A spandex tablecloth can bring a whole new look to your party’s table. Pexels

Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party, work event or just want to impress your family during a mid-week dinner, it’s all about the presentation. The tablecloth is the unsung hero, providing a great background and some sophistication to tie it all together. But spandex tablecloths? They’re a total game changer for style and convenience!

This one’s available in three other sizes and 20 different colors.

If you’re setting up a buffet style table—it’s going to get messy. Instead of stressing over the onion dip that’s now smeared all over the table, let a spandex tablecloth take it on. They’re stain resistant, machine washable and best of all, wrinkle free so you won’t need to iron!

It’s stain- and wrinkle-resistant and safe to be put in the dryer.

If your party has a table—whether for food or display— that will create a lot of foot traffic, a loose- or ill-fitting tablecloth is actually a safety hazard, especially if your event is outdoors. With the sleekness of a fitted spandex tablecloth, you don’t need to worry about it billowing in the wind and causing guests to trip or items to tumble.

This includes pockets to fit around the legs to make sure it stays still.

If you’re all about the perfect tablescape, a spandex table cloth is a smooth and lustrous base to build upon. Choose your color, place it on your table and you have a clean and sleek place to start. Add touches like textured table runners or place mats and top off with candles or other ornaments that match your theme.