Space Heaters for Next-Level Warmth

It’s getting hot in here!

Heating a home can be expensive, but a space heater is one option that could end up costing less. It’s also a great way to heat a space that doesn’t have a heat source, like a garage or shed, or even your cubicle at work. Here’s what to look for in a space heater.

Great for Cubicles

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If you’re looking for a space heater to take to work, look for one that heats 200 square feet or less, so you don’t inadvertently end up making others too hot. A quiet fan is also a plus in this type of environment.

Can Warm an Entire Floor

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If you need to heat large rooms or even an entire floor of your home, look for a space heater that operates using infrared or convected heat rather than just blowing hot air. It will distribute a natural-feeling heat more evenly.

Advanced Safety Features

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Space heaters have a bad reputation for being dangerous. That’s why some of today’s models incorporate important safety features like automatic shut-off in the event of overheating or tipping. Another great addition is a timer that allows you to choose when it runs and when it doesn’t. If you’ll be using your space heater around kids, it’s critical to shop for a space heater with safety features you feel comfortable with, and remember to always read your product’s user manual.