Live Better: Soft Throws to Turn Your Couch Into a Cloud

Wrap one of these babies around your bod for instant cozy comfort.

byCarla Sosenko| PUBLISHED Sep 11, 2020 6:19 PM
Live Better: Soft Throws to Turn Your Couch Into a Cloud
Snuggle up in style with a fuzzy throw. Amazon

There’s a reason babies need to be swaddled. Getting wrapped up tight in a blankie helps quell anxiety and improves sleep—and the same goes for grown-ups! Peppering your space with soft throw blankets means steadying, soft relaxation is just arm’s-length away. Here are our picks to turn your living room into a sanctuary.

Array of Shades
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Breathable polyester flannel is machine-washable, dries quickly, resists wrinkles and won’t shed.

One of the greatest things about throw blankets is that they’re reversible! Unlike comforters, there’s no wrong way to place them. In fact, the best thing to do with a throw is, well, throw it! A casual, laissez-faire shape only adds to its charm (of course, if you’re a neat freak, you can also fold your throw into a neat rectangle).

Luxurious Look
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This polyester pick has a robust, outstretched pile, but it won’t shed or fade (and is cruelty-free).

Know your napping style! Do you want to be wrapped in something extra shaggy, or do you prefer a compact microfiber? Perhaps you run hot and want something that offers only medium warmth. Maybe you want some tassels for a little bit of glamour. Not all blankies are created equal, so figure out your personal style—and preferred fabric—then stock up.

Classic Design
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This chenille-like style has embellishments that make it as pretty to look at as it is toasty to curl up in.

It’s not just humans who like to feel enveloped by softness. Pets will be off to dreamland as soon as their fur hits the fleece—just make sure to choose a machine-washable option if Fido is going to share. You’ll want to launder it often.