Organize Better: Sleek Cube Storage for All Your Stuff

Shape up your home with the ultimate space-saving organizer.

byAmanda Green| PUBLISHED Jun 16, 2020 3:06 PM
Organize Better: Sleek Cube Storage for All Your Stuff
Your home library just got a lot more organized. Ergita Sela/Unsplash

Whether you’ve got boxes of unshelved books, a cluttered cave of a closet or a beloved collection of antique globes to show off, cube storage can take your home to the next level. Here are a few tips for getting organized in style.

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Easy-to-assemble shelving unit in a variety of finishes.

Storage units are brilliant space-savers, but they still have a footprint. Take measurements before shopping to find the organizer that best fits your space. Flexible modular units are great long-term, because they can be reconfigured as storage needs change.

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Customizable fabric cubby system with metal frame for support.

Storage cubes typically come in neutral colors, but don’t be afraid to go a little more bold. Many units are available in a variety of colors and wood finishes. If you’re into DIY, interior decorators suggest adding removable wallpaper to cube shelving units for a temporary tweak or spray painting plastic and metal units for a more permanent upgrade.

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Multifunctional unit that can be arranged in a variety of space-saving configurations.

Who says cube storage has to be flush against a wall? In open rooms, like studio apartments or loft-style living and dining areas, modular units can establish separation of space and make a home feel cozier.