The Best Shower Curtain Hooks to Upgrade Your Bathroom Vibe

A tiny change can make a huge difference.

byCarla Sosenko| PUBLISHED Oct 2, 2020 8:44 PM
The Best Shower Curtain Hooks to Upgrade Your Bathroom Vibe
A pop of color or chrome makes a small but powerful impact. Pixabay/Pkamiini

You’ve got cute towels, a comfy bath mat, and a coordinated soap dish and toothbrush holder. Why stop there? Upgrading our shower curtain rings to a style with a fancier finish or extra baubles will have a bigger impact than you think. Even better: This design element packs a big punch with minimal spend.

If you want to coordinate a vibrant drape with matching accessories, pick these! The colorful spherical balls are engineered to slide across the rod without effort.

Always cross-reference the number and size of hook holes in your curtain with the rings you’re eying. You don’t want to come up short when you go to hang your pretty new things.

Not digging a click-into-place style? This one—which also comes in chrome, bronze and matte black finishes—has two prongs, with an inward-facing one for your liner. If you replace or wash your liner frequently, an unlatched style makes moving it back and forth much easier.

Picking a rust-resistant shower-curtain hook is crucial. The bathroom is a hub of humidity, which loves to eat away at metal. Pick a naturally corrosion-resistant metal—like stainless steel, aluminum metal, copper, bronze, brass or galvanized steel—or something that’s been specially treated or plated to resist oxidation.

Those five little balls at the top aren’t just adornment: They also make the hangers slide across the rod quietly and easily.

If your shower curtain is still not gliding as seamlessly as you’d like, you can spray the top of the rod with a silicone spray, or just rub on some soap, wax or petroleum jelly.