Organize Better: Shoe Racks to Keep Your Kicks Sorted

If the shoe fits, store it!

Whether you’re a certified sneakerhead or head over heels for stilettos, your shoe collection deserves proper storage. Here are four things to consider before buying a shoe rack.

Ample Space

Sturdy metal construction that fits up to 20 pairs. Simple Houseware


Shoe racks save space and cut down on clutter, but they still have a footprint, no pun intended. Take measurements before shopping to find the best option, and keep in mind that a large shoe collection might call for a few different organizers. Smaller tiered racks are great for organizing a few everyday shoes in an entryway—and reminding guests to kindly remove their shoes, too. Lesser-worn shoes would probably look tidier stored elsewhere.

Save Space

Vertical hidden storage for all sorts of items, no hardware necessary. Simple Houseware


If you prefer hidden shoe storage, consider vertical and hanging options to really maximize closet space. And don’t let the name “shoe organizer” limit you. Racks and pocket-style organizers are great for organizing a variety of items and can be reconfigured as storage needs change.

Elegant Look

Beautiful design with iron and wood materials for form and function. VASAGLE


Shoe racks are utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. If you’re organizing your kicks out in the open, don’t be afraid to skip neutrals and go bold with a design-forward rack that complements the rest of your home decor.

For Big Families

Rolling model in chrome finish for boutique-style storage. AmazonBasics


If your shoe collection is still growing, consider storage options that can grow with it. For example, an adjustable rack that expands horizontally, a modular system with stackable units, or a rolling rack with plenty of empty space to accommodate all the flats, boots, heels and sneakers you already love—and those that you haven’t met yet.