What’s The Deal With Salt Lamps?

A pretty pink glow.

byBetter You Editors| PUBLISHED Dec 27, 2019 7:07 PM
What’s The Deal With Salt Lamps?

You might have seen salt lamps —carved blocks of pink Himalayan salt, emitting a faintly orange-pink glow — at your local yoga studio or massage parlor. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly they are, and how they work, here’s the deal: Himalayan salt lamps are made out of blocks of salt, harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. Himalayan salt obtains its signature pink color from its minerals (and yes, it is the same pink Himalyan salt you’d use to season your food—you can lick your lamp, but we wouldn’t advise it).

Salt lamps have an array of alleged health benefits based on their ability to ionize air: ions are naturally produced with changes in the atmosphere, as with waterfalls, waves, or storms. Salt lamps are supposed to produce negative ions that improve air quality, boost your mood and even improve sleep. Research about the scientific benefits of salt lamps haven’t been as conclusive but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add one to your bedroom or meditation corner for ambiance or decor.

Salt lamp with extra light bulbs.

If you picture a salt lamp, this would be it: organically shaped in shades of pink and orange, stacked atop a durable and termite resistant rubberwood base. These lamps are guaranteed to have come from carved salt from the Khewra mines. It has a touch-dimmer switch to adjust brightness, and comes with two extra 15-watt bulbs as replacements.

Love salt lamps? Get one for each bedside table, or keep one in the office and put one in the yoga room. This set of two comes with a certified stone card and two salt lamps (from six to eight inches tall) atop a neem wood base. Lamps come with 15-watt bulbs—when it comes to ambiance, two glowy lamps are better than one.

Beautiful salt chunks all lit up in a basket.

If you want an alternative to traditional salt lamp designs, try this elegant wire basket full of big, chunky pink salt pieces. The lamp comes with a 15-watt light bulb and dimmer switch, and the metal basket is designed to be corrosion resistant. The salt chunks will look as good during the day as when they’re lit up, emitting a gentle amber glow.