Round Area Rugs to Put the Finishing Touch on Any Room

Get merry and go round!

If you’re looking to switch up your interior decor without breaking the bank, consider a round rug. The latest synthetic styles are pretty and plush but also durable, so they’ll stand up to even the most dirt-attracting little ones and pets. Time to get in the circle game.

Subtle Patterns

Hardy enough for high-traffic areas of your home, this no-shed synthetic circle is still soft on your feet. It features a .37-inch pile and a subdued design in various shades to work with any palette. nuLOOM


If you’re trying to decide between a natural-fiber or synthetic rug, think about your needs and habits. A natural rug is sustainable and allergen-reducing, but you’ll have to handle it with care, and it can be a pain to clean, so it’s not ideal if you have spill-prone kids (or adults), or pets. Synthetic rugs are easy to clean, durable and fade- and mold-resistant, so while they may lack the luxurious feel of a natural style, they’re a no-brainer if you’re worried about stains.

Furry Feel

Extra-plush polypropylene and a long pile make this one you’ll sink right into, from a label founded in 1914. This style is made in Turkey on a power loom for color precision and clarity. Safavieh


Get to know your pile preference! The higher the pile—or fabric loops—the longer and shaggier your carpet is. High-pile styles (like a shag carpet) are fluffy, comfy, warm and soft. Low piles (like a level loop) are easier to clean and less likely to aggravate allergy sufferers. They’re great for anywhere you want a rug but also expect some chaos or mess, like a playroom or dining area.

Easy to Clean

This cotton-backed stain-resistant synthetic style with a super-short pile won’t shed. And its neutral colors and pattern will let it fade into the background of eye-grabbing decor. Unique Loom


If you’ve got a synthetic rug, vacuum it frequently and, in case of stains, spot clean. To keep the floor underneath as pristine, make sure to use a rug pad. It’ll protect your floors and also stop the rug (and you) from slipping and sliding.