Live Better: Robot Vacuums to Make Tidying Up So Much Easier

The future is here. And it’s cleaning your house.

A robot that cleans up after you is one of those inventions that really makes you feel like you’re finally living in the future. What could be better? It takes a boring, time-consuming task, does it for you, and leaves you with clean floors and free time. Here are three things you should look for in a robot vacuum.

Super Smart

This one can even take out its own trash when full. iRobot


The whole point of a robot vacuum is that you want it to do the work for you. If you get one that just wanders around in some random pattern it’s going to miss spots, which means you’re going to have to clean up after the thing that’s supposed to be cleaning up after you. A smart vacuum will be able to map your living space (so it knows where everything is), so if you say “clean under the dining room table,” it can do that. At the very least, it should be able to avoid missing patches.

Learns Your Home

It responds to voice commands, cleans multiple surface types, and can adapt to avoid objects. iRobot


In the early generations of smart vacuums you just hit the On button and hoped for the best, but you never knew what it might do, and what it might miss. Now, these clever devices can do your bidding by following your voice commands. Many work with Alexa or other digital assistants, and almost all have apps that will allow you to speak to it. Even without voice, you want to make sure it has an app so you can set up a schedule for it, so it isn’t trying to clean the floor every morning while you’re doing yoga.

Sleek Look

This smart unit can clean everything from smooth surfaces to rugs. eufy


What’s the point of an automatic vacuum if there are huge portions of your living space that it can’t handle? These used to be for hardwood floors only. Now, they’ve graduated to work on multiple surfaces, including reasonably thick carpet. That’s pretty incredible! You also want to look for one that can clean under things and get crumbs out of corners.