Robot Vacuums for Every Budget

Get your floors clean, no matter how much you spend.

byEdmund Torr|
Robot Vacuums for Every Budget
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When robotic vacuums first debuted, they were expensive, and impressive technically, but no better than a casual broom session for actually getting your floors clean. Today, the high-end products come with incredible mapping technology and features, and the more budget-friendly versions are more capable than ever.

Affordable But Capable
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With an automatic adjusting feature, this machine will change its height when it detects a rug or wood.

Formerly high-end features, like automatically docking and recharging, or app scheduling, are no longer exclusive to the most expensive robotic vacuums. Today, you can find those features at all levels of the market.

Adaptive Power
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Featuring a custom technology, this unit will sense when dirt isn’t being sucked up properly, and can go into a turbo mode for a few seconds to scrub stubborn spots.

On the lowest-end, you’ll likely be getting a bit less power, but it won’t be all that noticeable. What you’ll really be giving up are advanced features like voice control with Google or Alexa, or an automatic emptying system or the ability to precisely schedule cleanings for individual days and times. If all you want is a cleaner floor, you can save some money.

Feature Packed
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With advanced voice control, you can simply tell it to clean under the kitchen table and this machine will know what you want.

One really useful feature that many higher-end robotic vacuums have is the ability to create and edit detailed maps of your home on an app. That way, you can create virtual walls around, say, a pet’s food and water area, to avoid spills without having to buy any extra hardware.

Also Consider:

Easy to Control
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This unit uses a standalone remote control rather than an app, which means you don’t have to worry about connecting to WiFi.
Premium Cleaning
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This luxury unit empties on its own, gets into tricky edges and delivers stronger suction than most models.