Reusable Food Storage Bags to Keep Leftovers Fresh

They’re not as bulky as containers, and create less waste than disposable plastic bags.

Reusable bags aren’t all created equal. Some bags are better for storing lunch for the day while others are better for storing food over a longer period of time. Are you ready to say goodbye to plastic and paper? Let’s go!

Pinch and Lock

An airtight (but still easy to open) seal keeps the food inside fresh and tasty. Stasher


If you’re looking for reusable bags for packing your kids’ lunch five days a week, you’ll want something that is roughly sandwich-shaped and can take a bit of wear and tear. Look for one made of PVC-, BPA- and latex-free material with strong stitching for longer-term use.

Easy Access

The drawstring toggle closure makes for easier opening and closing. Ecowaare


A reusable mesh bag is great for trips to the market. You can fill them up and still see the contents inside, which will make for a faster, easier check-out. The mesh material keeps them breathable, so heat and moisture have less of a chance of getting trapped and spoiling the contents inside. A cotton weave is strong to survive frequent washings.

Versatile Storage

The 10-pack includes is made from food-grade polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA). Qinline


Reusable freezer bags have a number of appetizing benefits. They lock out freezer burn while keeping the contents inside fresh and flavorful. You can use them for the longer-term storage of meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. Just remember to only refreeze uncooked meat that was thawed in the refrigerator.