Live Better: Three Things to Know About Refrigerator Organizers

Magnets make the outside of your fridge pretty, and bins do the same for the inside!

Modern kitchen
Just because the outside looks nice, doesn’t mean the inside is organized.Pexels/Curtis Adams

Bin there, done that! Most of us have bins and tubs strewn around our home filled with stuffed animals, linens, magazines…anything we don’t know where to put. Yet, when it comes to our refrigerator, we assume that the shelves and drawers that came standard are as good as it gets—even though some of us (ahem) have veggies shoved into the butter compartment and bottles of wine in the fruit drawer. No more. It’s time to Marie Kondo your fridge with these handy, dandy organizers.

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Wide & Deep

Stack ’em, move ’em...these roomy shatter-proof BPA babies with easy-grip side handles and click-in-place feet go wherever you want them to.BINO

Clear plastic bins aren’t just magic for your fridge. You can use them in your pantry, garage, laundry room, playroom, office—anywhere it helps to have a storage option you can see through.

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Variety of Volumes

An interior grippy base means that things will stay put once you’ve placed them inside. You can eat confidently knowing they’re 100% food-safe, BPA-free, shatter-resistant sliders.Seseno

The greatest thing about refrigerator bins is that they stop spills from contaminating the whole fridge, saving you loads of cleaning time (and aggravation). Check the instructions of your particular model, but most plastic fridge bins should not be put in the dishwasher. Just wash them down with warm soapy water and allow them to air-dry.

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Simple to Stack

You get various sizes with this strong-bottom multi pack, to fit bottles, cans, anything you can dream of whether they’re tall, short or somewhere in between. An ergonomic design plus supporting handles make them easy to move from place to place.Utopia Home

Attention design lovers: Who said the aesthetics of your home had to stop outside the fridge? With transparent bins, you can organize the inside into a color-coordinated showstopper that would make Martha Stewart proud.