Fun Pumpkin-Shaped Cookware for Festive Meals and Snacks

Good gourd, that looks delicious.

byCarrie Saum| PUBLISHED Aug 28, 2020 6:09 PM
Fun Pumpkin-Shaped Cookware for Festive Meals and Snacks
Festive kitchenware makes any meal more special. Amazon

Who doesn’t love a pumpkin? There are more ways to celebrate this squash then carving one or baking one into a pie.

Festively shaped for creating single-serve pressed foods. Features non-stick cooking plates and comes in other cute shapes, too.

Give your breakfast game a little lift by incorporating pumpkin-themed foods. Waffles, cookies, hashbrowns—an electric press or waffle maker in novelty shapes is just the thing.

Cook and serve in one pot while adding a festive, decorative flare. Dutch-oven style, durable ceramic coated cooking dish.

Amplifying your pumpkin love is easy to do with pumpkin-themed kitchen tools. Consider investing in a functional, timeless piece that can be beautifully served in the same pot or dish it was cooked in.

A cute set sized perfectly for a child’s main course, or dessert or appetizers for an adult.

Pumpkin-shaped plates are adorable. But disposables can be flimsy, and ceramic ones can be expensive. Melamine is a great compromise. It’s more durable than plain-old plastic, is dishwasher safe and lightweight, too.

Collectable platter topper with a peg that fits into any one of the cookware designer’s special platters (sold separately).

When you’re getting ready to serve up a special treat, adding some pumpkin flare can elevate the entire experience. Try using serving dishes decorated with gourds to mark the occasion.

A gorgeous little dish from a designer kitchenware brand. Made of oven-safe stoneware.

Sometimes just one little piece can make a whole table look brighter and fancier. If you don’t want to invest a ton of money in something you’ll probably only use a few times a year, look for one small quality, well-designed piece that will make an impact.