Printer Stands that Blend In With Your Home Decor

A perfect meeting of function and style.

byLauren West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Sep 18, 2020 4:24 PM
Printer Stands that Blend In With Your Home Decor
The right stand will help your printer blend into your home’s decor. Pixabay

A printer is one of those devices that you always need but never know where to put. They’re bulky, so if you’re already tight on space, they take up precious real estate. The solution is to find a stand that not only fits your personal style but also opens up more storage and display space.

Spacious storage shelves that can hold your printer, books and more. The top can hold more than 175 pounds, while the other shelves can support up to 88 pounds. Casters make it portable and easy to move from room to room.

If you have the perfect spot for your printer but it’s a tad too far from your computer set up, there’s an easy workaround. Just opt for a stand on wheels. Move it closer when needed and then roll it back to its “home” when you’re done.

A hidden shelf inside this unit is adjustable, giving you the height clearance you need to hold any items. If you need additional shelves, a matching bookshelf on the same cabinet base is available.

For those that have a home office set up, you likely have a host of supplies not just for your printer (hello ink, paper, staplers and paper clips) but also things you need to keep your business running such as books, binders, files and more. The best way to keep those supplies from becoming a disorganized, tabletop mess is to find a printer stand with closed door cabinet storage. It won’t be out of mind, but it will be out of sight.

This easy-to-assemble model can be put together in minutes and holds up to 90 pounds on the top shelf. Wheels with locks make it easy to move around your home or keep in one place.

If you want something simple and unobtrusive to display your printer, look for a rustic-looking stand. One that blends industrial touches (such as dark metals with vintage, distressed wood) complements almost any style decor. Best of all, it won’t clash with the items you place on it—such as a bulky printer or multicolored books.