Cook Better: Pizza Ovens to Level up Italian Cooking

Professional-grade pizza, any way you slice it.

Pizza is a staple in almost every home. With it’s saucy, cheesy, bubbly goodness baked into a snappy crust, pizza is usually a safe bet for everyone from the pickiest eaters and fancy food lovers alike. Making the most of your pizza isn’t hard to do, though. Small pizza ovens are rapidly popping up in homes, and it’s easy to see why. They use gourmet methods and yield professional pies. Keep reading to see how you can level up your Italian cooking game, too!

Reaches 930 Degrees Fahrenheit

Lumber- or pellet-heated stove with cordite stone for a crisp crust. Gas attachment available for purchase. Not for indoor use. Amazon

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Pizza ovens typically heat a flat surface like stone, cast iron or food-safe aluminum at high temperatures in order to reach peak crust crispiness while melting the cheese on top. Some high end ovens use heat-tolerant corian stone or natural ceramic stone as a cooking surface, while others use metal racks or pans. Stone takes longer to heat and cool, but gives a consistently crisp bottom crust while maintaining a good chew. Metal racks and pans heat and cool faster, but don’t always deliver an even heating surface while cooking. This means your crust might not achieve that satisfying crunch, but it certainly cooks up faster.

Built-In Thermometer

High end stove can be easily transported. Uses a variety of heat sources to achieve crispiest base possible. Comes with accessories. Amazon

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If you like to bring your best pizza game anywhere you go, consider how easy your pizza oven is to transport. Stone ovens are heavy, bulky and the stone center can be cracked if jostled too much. However, stone ovens are ideal for any place where you don’t have access to electricity, so you never have to worry about finding just the right spot near an outlet. Small electric pizza ovens tend to be lighter, easier to move and less fussy than their stone-fired counterparts. Whatever you choose, make sure you read all of the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing to make sure it works for your needs.

Separate Top and Bottom Heating Elements

Rack cooks as it spins. Comes with a baking sheet, recipes and more. Amazon

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Wood-fired pizza has an extra layer of flavor that typical pizza lacks. Smoke from the wood (or pellets) impart a smoky flavor to the cheese and crust that enhances the acidity of the tomato sauce and perfectly complements this authentic Italian dish. Pellet-fired pizza also offers the same results as a wood fired pizza but with slightly less hassle. If you are reluctant to play with fire, gas- and electric-heated pizza ovens will do the job without any mess or fuss.