Pegboards Are the Perfect Garage (or Kitchen) Tool-Organizer

Turn your tools into an organized, easily accessible gallery wall.

Pegboards at their core are very simple: a large sheet of metal or plywood, with evenly spaced holes. In those holes go hooks; on those hooks go tools. They’re efficient space savers if you’re low on table or counter space. You can add baskets for smaller tools and accessories, longer cradles for power tools or, if you hang a board in your kitchen, install bars for prep towels.

Tough Material

This product offers 10.5 square feet of space to hold all your stuff. Wall Control

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One of the most important tasks with a pegboard is to figure out how to mount it. There are different options depending on what you’ll be hanging and, perhaps most importantly, what kind of wall you’ll be mounting the pegboard to. For drywall, which you might find in a kitchen or garage, opt for the sturdiest anchors you can find, such as a toggle bolt anchor. Studs offer added stability.

Versatile Design

With both slots and holes, this item can handle any standard hook or other accessory. Wall Control

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A major benefit of pegboards is that they make for extremely organized layouts, along with easy accessibility. Instead of tossing tools into a storage bin or toolbox, they’re displayed right out in the open—no need to dig through a toolbox to find the exact size hex wrench you need. Plus, they make use of vertical wall space that might otherwise go unused.

Express Yourself

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Julia Child was among the first to popularize the use of pegboards in the kitchen. Just think about your cabinets full of pots, pans, lids, measuring cups, spatulas and other kitchen equipment—it can get chaotic fast. A pegboard takes up very little room, but in the kitchen, it makes your tools easy to access as you whip up a new recipe.