Organize Better: Outdoor Storage Boxes to Keep Your Yard Tidy

Store water hoses, garden tools, and more in style.

byAmanda Green| PUBLISHED Aug 14, 2020 3:01 PM
Organize Better: Outdoor Storage Boxes to Keep Your Yard Tidy
Keep your items stored away in stylish, functional storage boxes. Keter

A well-appointed backyard changes with the seasons, from decor to landscaping to activities—and let’s face it, things can get pretty cluttered in the garage and basement. So keep your lawn games, flower pots, and patio items where they belong. Consider these three tips before buying outdoor storage boxes.

UV-protected panels and water-resistant seal with lockable lid.

Wood looks great, but it can’t always handle the elements. Consider a storage box made of wood-like resin that’s built to resist sun, water and humidity. But keep in mind that “weather-resistant” does not mean “weatherproof.” Your storage box still might need some extra protection in the form of a waterproof cover. To be safe during extreme weather, you’ll probably want to move it indoors temporarily.

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Wood-like finish that can double as a table or bench.

If you’re investing in a large outdoor storage box with heavy items but want the flexibility to rearrange your outdoor space, consider shopping for a model that comes with wheels or casters for easy movement. To keep items extra safe from kids or pets, you might also want to buy a model with a lockable lid.

Weather-resistant construction that’s easy to build and clean.

Once you have an outdoor storage box, it can be tempting to just toss things in and close the lid. Not so fast! To get the most out of your space, consider using small boxes within your storage box to organize different items by category. For example, nesting flower pots and storing them in a box with potting soil or putting all the pool life jackets in a bag together. Next time you need to find them, you’ll be glad you thought ahead!