Organize Better: Underbed Storage to Free Up Closet Space

What’s under your bed? Hopefully one of these.

Underbed storage organizers are a miracle to overstuffed closets. They make bulky sweaters, special occasion outfits and the jeans you’re still “on the fence about” five months after purchasing disappear—only to be pulled out when you need them again. But underbed storage containers aren’t a “set it and forget it” item. Ideally, you’ll be regularly rotating items in and out, which is why it’s important to look for models made in materials to protect your belongings, and ones that are easy to maneuver when you’re ready for a wardrobe swap.

Neat and Clean

Non-woven fabric allows for ventilation; see-thru display makes it simple to see belongings. Lifewit


Look for material that allows ventilation and consider pre-treating clothes for storage. For example, clothes and bedding should be washed, completely dried, and folded neatly. It’s also important to make sure that you regularly assess your stored belongings. If you haven’t used an item in more than a year, it may be best to toss or donate than have it take up space.

Moves With You

From bedding to shoes to art supplies, this option gives ample flexibility to stow belongings. Whitmor


Underbed drawers can also stow everyday items, from stuffed animals to books, as a way to instantly declutter. Consider adding underbed storage drawers to guest rooms as well, especially if closets or dressers aren’t available. Having somewhere to stow items can tidy up a room in seconds.

Oversized Abilities

A fabric option with display provides ample space for seasonal and bulky gear. Onlyeasy


Look for units that have a display window so you can see what you’ve packed—and consider writing down exactly what’s in there on a piece of paper, as well as when you last packed the items. This can be helpful if the container has multiple items, or if you’re holding onto items for future hand-me-downs.