Moisture Absorbers to Keep Your Basement and Storage Closets Dry

Moisture never stood a chance.

Ridding your home of excess moisture and dampness can be tricky, especially if you live in a humid climate or have poor airflow in your space. Excessive dampness can lead to toxic mold and mildew growth, and deterioration of electronics, natural fibers and expensive leather goods. So, how do you control wetness in your kitchen, closets, bathrooms and other spaces without much hassle?

Using calcium chloride crystals or the magic power of charcoal, moisture absorbers draw wetness out of the air and leave your space smelling great and feeling dry. And although these absorbers need to be replaced every six weeks or so, they don’t require ongoing maintenance, electricity or special equipment. Just open the package, place the container in the damp problem areas of your home and forget about it until it’s time to swap it out for a fresh one.

Large Space Dehumidifier

Controls humidity and musty odors in spaces up to 1,000 square feet. DampRid

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Choosing the right moisture control means having a solid grasp on the square footage and humidity level in the space you’re addressing. Bathrooms, basements and kitchens tend to be humid areas of the home, and may require more moisture absorbers than a smaller space such as a closet, so be sure to treat accordingly.

Small Space Control

Put this in tight, confined spaces that don’t get much airflow. Can be attached to a hanger or hook. DampRid

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Closets are an often overlooked space where moisture collects and sticks due to the lack of airflow and presence of clothing, linens and other materials that hold dampness. Choosing a moisture absorber that can be looped over a hanger or perched in a strategic corner can keep your wardrobe dry.

Low Chemical Load

This humidity control is ideal for spaces with food, pets or kids. Vacplus

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Controlling moisture can also control the spread and growth of harmful mold and mildew. When used correctly, moisture absorbers regulates the humidity and can sometimes inhibit the growth of dangerous spores. Activated charcoal can help in eliminating unpleasant odor.