Memory foam was developed in the late 1960s when NASA was trying to find a cushioning material that could be used to help protect the astronauts from the forces they are exposed to during takeoff. It wasn’t right for NASA, or for the medical companies that NASA subsequently sold the formula to. But thanks to its unique properties, memory foam found its home as a material for mattresses and pillows. Check out our picks for some of the best memory foam pillows on Amazon.

Bespoke Filling

Combining the support of modern material with the comfort of a traditional one, you can customize this pillow to your own requirements by adding or taking away the stuffing. Coop Home Goods

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Some people worry that sleeping on memory foam can cause you to overheat and, while the earliest iterations of the material were not ideal from that point of view, newer versions have made adaptations to ensure a cooler night’s sleep. Some memory foam is constructed with an open cell structure that allows for better air circulation, while other forms incorporate gels that help dissipate heat more effectively.

Designed To Be Cooler

A combination of aerated structure and materials designed to regulate temperature mean heat is well dissipated for a better night’s sleep. WEEKENDER

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Comfort aside, if you wake up with headaches, neck ache, or backache, or even if you just snore a lot, a memory pillow could help. Designed to offer a combination of both comfort and support, the idea is that it holds your head and neck in such a way that your spine is aligned while you sleep, meaning your airways are open as they should be, facilitating easy breathing, and minimizing the risk of you waking up with muscular aches and pains.

With Wings For Extra Comfort

The design—with a dip in the centre and additional flaps that either help to hold your neck at just the right angle, or give you somewhere to wrest arms and wrists—means however you choose to lie, you’ll be comfortable. Elviros

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To give your memory foam pillow more longevity, look for one that has both a removable and washable outer cover and a dust-proof inner as well. The pillow itself can’t be washed—just spot cleaned—so add more protection by putting a regular pillowcase over the top as well. Do just check the sizing of the pillows before you buy—memory foam ones often tend to be smaller than traditional pillows.