Make Any Outdoor Space An Oasis With A Backyard Waterfall

A backyard waterfall makes you the envy of the neighborhood.

If you’ve ever considered installing a waterfall in your outdoor space, you know that it can feel intimidating. Luckily, it’s deceptively simple! Sometimes it’s as easy as opening the box, placing the waterfall where you want it outside, adding water and plugging it in. Some water features are even solar powered, and don’t require any plug-in power source. All you really need is some H2O and you’re well on your way to a tranquil oasis. Keep reading to find the waterfall that suits your needs.

Light Up Your Space

This casts a beautiful warm glow at night. Alpine Corporation


A waterfall with LED lights adds a special atmospheric touch to an outdoor dinner party, or extra tranquility while you’re cozied up fireside with a book. A model made from natural (or natural-looking materials) will blend in beautifully with the rest of the yard.

Make A Bold Statement

The voluptuous curves and fiery color of this fountain shines. Peaktop


Choose a feature that enlivens your space and infuses your style into your backyard. If you enjoy a bold design, look for a waterfall with a unique shape or vibrant color to make a statement that’s all you, baby.

Add Instant Zen

This classic Grecian number will automatically put you into full relax mode while offering birdies a nice spot to bathe. Lamps Plus


A graceful water feature in your yard brings a sense of peace to anyone who wanders through. Look for a tiered waterfall that allows water to cascade from one container to another to create a meditative space and slow, trickling sound.