Label Makers to Help Organize Your Life

Want to make things easier to find? Put a label on it!

Once you start labeling, it’s hard to stop. That’s because knowing exactly what you’re looking at saves time, energy, and frustration. Get one of these bad boys and you’ll be slapping labels on the dog, the cat, and the kids faster than you can say Patti La-Bel.

Great for Beginners

This baby can print two lines on stickers up to 12 millimeters wide. Brother

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If you’re finicky about how your labels look, make sure to invest in a model with a display screen. That way, you can see what your finished product will look like before you print.

Type Quickly

This one runs on six AAA batteries and has an automatic shutoff function to prevent drain. You can also buy a separate AC adapter. DYMO

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If you’re used to typing on a keyboard, a QWERTY configuration on your label maker means it’ll be super easy for you to type fast, because you’re already used to the way the keys are set up.

Compact & Lightweight

If you have the need to take your gadget on the go, this is the one for you! It’s portable and small enough to just pop in your bag. DYMO

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Labeling is actually more necessary than you might think. Ever have trouble telling the difference between the soap, the antibacterial, and the lotion on your sink? If the answer is yes, you need a label maker!