Knit Blankets to Keep You Warm and Toasty

Up your interior decor game and coziness quotient in one fell swoop with a warm knit blanket.

byCarla Sosenko|
Knit Blankets to Keep You Warm and Toasty
Get yourself something cozy to look forward to snuggling up in at the end of a long day. Gabby K/Pexels

You can never have too many decorative throws. (Seriously, have you ever heard someone complain about having too many decorative throws? It doesn’t happen!) It’s even better when those throws aren’t just pretty, but practical. Feast your eyes on these knit blankets, which look great strewn across a bedspread or couch but also keep you warm and comfy.

This 100% acrylic style is as supple, lightweight, and toasty as a natural fabric. It’s dust-proof and breathable, won’t shed, and resists sunlight fade.

If you’re purchasing a blankie as a gift, consider the recipient—some vegans and people averse to animal-derived materials won’t wear wool or other similar fibers. For those peeps, choose cruelty-free natural picks like organic cotton or hemp, or go with a synthetic fiber like acrylic.

Like wrapping yourself in a cloud! This handmade beauty is extra nubbly; plus, it’s hypoallergenic for sensitive types.

If you plan to use your blanket as a throw, make sure to pick one made out of materials that won’t fade, pill, shed, or wrinkle. The last thing you want is to worry about sunshine coming through your window and wrecking the color, or your blankie leaving annoying bits of fabric on your furniture.

If you’re a bit of a klutz or don’t always treat your linens carefully, choose a patterned style—the design will help conceal any accidental pulls or spills.

If your pick is laundry-safe, make sure to machine-wash on cold and tumble-dry on low. When in doubt, check the label!