Jewelry Cabinets to Organize and Protect Your Favorite Pieces

Adoring your jewelry and accessories in organized fashion is almost as good as wearing them—almost.

Gone are the days of searching for your favorite ring or bracelet stuffed inside some chest. Jewelry cabinets are the perfect place to both display the pieces you most love to wear and to organize them. Here are the three features to look out for before picking one out.

Lots of Space

Multiple blue lights help illuminate your rings, necklaces and more, granting convenience and accessibility. Nicetree


Whether you’re living compactly or simply want to save space, a wall- or door-mountable jewelry cabinet are a great option. From walk-in closets to bathroom doors, mountable cabinets save footspace.

Portable Storage

This piece is equipped with 24 necklace hooks, 78 ring grooves and 108 stud earring holes. Nicetree


A stand-alone cabinet and mirror set will help you define your space even more. Whereas its mountable equivalent touts portability, a combined mirror and jewelry hutch does two jobs in one piece of furniture.

Dramatic Design

In addition to earring wires, necklace hooks and ring slots, this unit has 13 compartments and six drawers for storage. SONGMICS


If you’re using a jewelry cabinet for more than just jewelry and accessories, you may need a little extra space. Whether that’s in the form of drawers or an additional shelf, you can almost never go wrong with more storage.