Indoor Tranquility Fountains for Soothing Bubbling Noises

Listen to the gentle stream of water.

The sound of gently running water is immensely soothing—but not everyone has the space (or budget) for a full-on fountain. Enter indoor tranquility fountains, which can perch on top of a desk, bedside table or countertop to grant you a little more serenity.

Soothing Sound

This three-tiered option makes gentle lapping noises. Homedics


In order to hear the comforting sound of water trickling, look for a fountain with multiple tiers. You can place a fountain next to your bed or even in a child’s bedroom to help soothe a kid who tosses and turns at night.

Calming Glow

The crystal at the top spins and glows. BBabe


If you want to create a calming ambience before you go to bed, look for a fountain with soft glowing LED lights. That way, you can turn the rest of your lights off and fall asleep to the sound of the water.

Mood Enhancer

Twinkling tea lights add a romantic touch. Alpine Corporation


A small fountain in your living room or entry hall makes guests feel immediately at home. It’s also good feng shui to place a fountain near the front door, as long as the water is flowing inwards, to avoid sending the energy it harvests back outside.