Feel Better: Humidifiers to Keep Your Skin, Nose, Throat and Lips Hydrated

Adding this one little gadget to your space will seriously zap dryness!

byCarla Sosenko| PUBLISHED Sep 11, 2020 6:42 PM
Feel Better: Humidifiers to Keep Your Skin, Nose, Throat and Lips Hydrated
A humidifier can also help keep your plant babies moist. Roman Koval, Unsplash

A room humidifier, which works by adding moisture back into the air, soothes dry skin and sore throats that come about as a result of too much AC or frigid temps outside. These are our recommendations for keeping your room from drying up.

Simple Operation
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Simply add H₂O, then push the button for more than half a day of unabated hydration.

The best humidifiers offer a cool-mist option, whisper-quiet functionality, optional night light and auto shutoff for when the water level gets low. Those small bonuses are the key to making a humidifier good for overnight use and even placement in a baby’s nursery.

Good for Gearheads
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A digital monitor on this compact rectangular style measures the amount of moisture in the air, so you can adjust accordingly. A microporous cartridge filters out microorganisms and foul odors, for a fresh scent every time.

Set an alert to remind yourself to change the humidifier filters every four to six months. That’ll ensure you’re running fresh, filtered water through your space (and your face)! You should also thoroughly clean your humidifier regularly, as you would any other appliance in your house.

Aromatherapy Option
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This model offers 36 hours of continuous use; with an output of 500 milliliters per hour, it gets the job done in the bigger spaces of your place. Plus, it comes with essential-oil pads that add optional soothing scents to the air.

A remote control may seem like an unnecessary accessory, but picture yourself in the pitch-black middle of the night, able to adjust your humidifier without leaving the comfort of your bed. Not so unnecessary after all!