Sip Better: Home Seltzer Makers for All the Bubbly You Can Drink

Can’t get enough fizz? DIY it.

Is there anything better than taking that first sip of cold, bubbly seltzer? So refreshing! What’s not as refreshing is the cost—and waste—of buying all those cans of it. These machines let you easily carbonate water (or juice or even wine) yourself so you never run out of bubbly.

Easy to Use

This one has three different levels of carbonation. SodaStream


Home soda makers work by creating a tight seal around a bottle of liquid, then injecting carbon dioxide into that bottle. Many don’t even require any electricity; the carbon dioxide creates all the power the device needs. The only thing you need to do is replace the carbon dioxide canister, which you’ll have to do every few months.

One-Push Operation

Add bubbles to any beverage you want, not just H2O! DrinkMate


Home seltzer makers require very little upkeep, but here’s a tip: Keep bottles of water in the refrigerator. Carbon dioxide dissolves much more easily in cold water, compared with warm or room-temperature water, which means you’ll get fizzier seltzer while using less carbon dioxide if you use cold water. This is also a good reason to have an extra bottle for your machine, chilling in the fridge.


You determine the fizziness of your seltzer by how much you press the button. SodaStream


Seltzer is also a great base for other fizzy drinks. You can make a simple syrup—one part water, one part sugar—with flavorings like vanilla, lemon, or cola, to create an Italian soda. Or you can cook down fruit with some sugar, strain the solids out, and combine with seltzer to create a light, naturally sweetened beverage.