Live Better: Floor Lamps To Brighten Up Any Space

Illuminate your home with these elegant and practical choices.

A bright room feels bigger and more inviting—even if you’re short on space. So lighten up with a floor lamp that fits your home and your needs. Consider these tips before you flip the switch.

Show off Trinkets

Soft accent light perfect for displaying small items. Simple Designs

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Before you shop for a floor lamp, consider what kind of light your space needs. Interior designers generally classify lighting in three categories. Task lighting, like a reading lamp, provides bright, focused illumination. Ambient lighting is softer and designed to make a whole room feel warmer and cozier. Accent lighting highlights a specific object or area, like a dining nook or decorative display.

Pretty Disc

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Floor lamps come in a variety of styles and sizes, but this next tip is all about that base. Before shopping, measure the area where you plan to put your lamp. If you have a rug or carpeting, you’ll also want to make sure your lamp’s base is sturdy on that surface. A heavier base might be a pain to transport, but it’s ultimately safer around active pets and kids.

Dimmable Design

Adjustable task and ambient illumination in a three-way switch. Simple Designs

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Lighting isn’t simply a matter of on and off. It’s a spectrum, which is why decorators and home entertainers alike love dimmer switches. Floor lamps with three-way switches offer the same energy-saving, mood-enhancing versatility. For best results, stick to bulbs with soft, warm, yellow light that’s easy on the eyes—both aesthetically and physically—instead of stark fluorescent light.