The Best Floating Shelves to Spruce Up Your Walls

Add a modern touch to your home that’s as appealing as it is practical.

Floating Kitchen Shelves
Installing them won’t cost much, and they’re more attractive than plastic storage bins or metal shelves.Getty Images

You don’t have to break your bank account upgrading your living space. Putting in floating shelves is an easy and cost-conscious way to enhance any room. Here are three to consider.

BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Mounted, Rustic Wood Wall Shelves Set of 3 for Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen
Available in five finishes, including gray-white paulownia wood and toffee-colored pine.Amazon

Decorating options abound with this set. The boards come in three different sizes, so you can artfully arrange them. Mount one underneath the other or line them up to create one long shelf on the same wall. Or split them up and affix them to different walls. You even have different installation choices: Brackets can go underneath or above the wood planks.

Omysa Boho Wall Hanging Shelf - Set of 2 Wood Hanging Shelves for Wall
If they’re too low, just adjust the cords.Amazon

These pinewood shelves fit perfectly in rooms with a minimalistic vibe. They arrive pre-assembled and with nails, so after unboxing, all you have to do is hang them. Place potted plants, candles or books on top; everything will instantly look like pieces of art.

EWEI'S HomeWares WHC1004CD-WH 3 Floating U Shelves-White
Show off your colorful nail polish collection in these.Amazon

The clear acrylic material make these blend into any setting, no matter the theme. Position them with the brackets facing up to prevent items from being knocked over, or upside down to create a display case.