Chill Out and Warm Up: Fleece Throw Blankets

Snuggle up under one of these cloudlike throws.

Cuddling up under a blanket to watch TV is a time-honored tradition, and for good reason. A fleece blanket keeps you warm if the AC is aggressive or if it’s snowing outside. It also adds a personal touch to the couch, and can be tossed in the wash every few weeks. Here, some things to consider before you dive under the covers.

Loads of Colors

Wrinkle-resistant and machine washable, this option is ideal for movie night, stowing in guest rooms or bringing along on a camping adventure. Bedsure


Throw blankets are incredibly versatile. While they can always have a place on the couch, large ones can be great options for additional bedding for guests—especially if you have finicky heat or AC. It can also be a good idea to toss one in the trunk. That way, you have it for camping adventures or for when a passenger needs to cozy up and take a nap on the road.

Won’t Shrink, Fade or Unravel

Made of premium material and soft on both sides, the product comes in multiple color options. Exclusivo Mezcla


A throw blanket can elevate a rec room couch in seconds. Consider switching out throw blankets for the seasons, or using different colors to allow different decor in the room. Regular washing will keep throws fresh.

Pizza and Waffles Available too!

Cozy, cuddly, and made for laughs, a product like this is great as a gag gift or to spread over your lap on a chilly night. CASOFU


Throw blankets make a great gift—people always have use for them. Consider a novelty one. It’ll get laughs during the unwrapping, but will be appreciated at the next cold snap. Novelty throws are also great to add levity to a rec room or children’s playroom.

Multiple Sizes

Velvety material is machine washable and shed-resistant, creating a luxe spot to lie down. Tuddrom


Faux fur isn’t just for humans. Pets love the feeling of a cozy-soft throw, too. Throw blankets can be comfort items for dogs and cats, giving them room to nest and protecting the bed or couch. Just make sure the material is rip-resistant.