Flameless Tea Lights to Cozy Up Your Space

Come on baby, light my (totally safe) fire!

Harsh fluorescents got you down? Turn off the lights and fire up one of these tea lights! Well, don’t literally fire them up. These things are flameless. Choose from an array of shapes, sizes, colors and even remote-controllable options. Your place will be burning up in no time (again, with absolute safety)!

Certified Safe

Create a romantic tablescape by scattering these compact little stubs everywhere, or line them up on the tub edge, then presto: instant self-care! Homemory


Faux candles have come a long way! These days they’re so realistic, some of them even flicker. Pick a model that features quality-tested LED lamps for the most staying power.

Hands-Free Operation

This energy-saving pack includes styles in various heights; plus, they’re made from the authentic beeswax! Program these to run as long as you want, then forget about them. Vinkor


Know your candle shapes and styles before you order: Tea lights are flat and circular; tapers are long and slim; pillars are thick and sturdy; votives are short and small (like a squat pillar). Also decide whether you want a white or orange flame.

Super Lifelike-Looking

This paraffin-pretty trio provides 200 hours of ambience on just two AAs! You can manipulate the brightness, flicker, and cycle time from as far away as 16.4 feet. Antizer


If you want your pillars not to look so faux, opt for a real-wax option. For a personalized effect, choose one that goes beyond a simple on-off switch and comes with a remote control (or two) with dimming and cycle-time options. Perfect for anyone who forgets to turn off the lights before bed.