Live Better: Fireplace Tools to Build a Cozy Blaze

The kit you need to keep the home fires burning.

Archaeologists believe that the very first controlled fires date back over a million years ago to when homo erectus, the very earliest humans, used them for warmth and cooking—but given that metal tools weren’t developed for several millennia after that, they probably didn’t have a poker or tongs!

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While it is possible to build a successful fire without a grate or basket, it makes it an awful lot easier. The grate lifts the wood off the ground, allowing air to circulate—and if you remember your high school science classes, every fire requires fuel, heat and oxygen, so the more air that can get to your fire, the better it will burn. When choosing your grate, bear in mind that while larger gaps will mean more air gets to your fuel, it also means that your fire won’t burn as long before embers start dropping through. Tip: Using seasoned wood can maximize the heat put out by your fire.

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If you’re planning on having multiple tools for tending your fire, a brush and shovel are incredibly handy, especially when it comes to clearing up the following day. And although it’s boring, regularly removing the ash and debris from under the grate will help your fire burn better, as it will allow more air to reach the fuel. Think about buying an entire set of tools that comes complete with a holder, for easy and neat storage. Or, if possible, have a series of hooks on the wall near the fire for tool storage.

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