Decorate Better: Faux Plants That Are Literally Impossible to Kill

No green thumb? No worries.

byAriel Wodarcyk| PUBLISHED Aug 21, 2020 3:24 PM
Decorate Better: Faux Plants That Are Literally Impossible to Kill
Scatter multiple faux plants throughout the home to really impress people with your newfound green thumb. Amazon

If you’ve ever overwatered a succulent, forgotten a flower or left a floundering veggie garden for dead, you’re not alone. In fact, there’s an entire subset of products created for people like you: artificial plants. Made from real silk and fabrics that mimic actual leaves, the faux plants of today look more at home in a chic bedroom than an ’80s tiki bar. Here are our favorites.

Tropical Aesthetic
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Ultra realistic-looking veins run through the underside of each leaf.

When shopping for faux plants, it’s important to pay attention to little details, such as the size of the stem and the coloring and veins on the leaves. The leaves should be glossy and bright, while the underside should be veined, matte and paler in color for the most realistic look.

Dramatic Fronds
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This plant is taller than most humans and sprouts over 300 leaves.

Waiting for a plant to reach its full majestic height takes years—unless you buy a silk tree, of course. Pick a plant at least half a foot taller or shorter than the nearest piece of furniture to balance out the room.

Available in three different heights.

You can still find a realistic-looking plant for a wallet-friendly price—just don’t expect it to be silk. Pick a plant with naturally shiny leaves, like a fiddle-leaf fig bougainvillea, and stay away from flowers for the most straight-from-the-garden look. Non-silk plants can also stand up to any weather condition, so you can keep them outside.